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Latest News

  1. Fresno Bee

    Want to try weed wine? You're in luck if you live in California
    Fresno Bee
    Marijuana-infused wine has become quite popular in California. So much so that it's tough to find vendors who have it in stock. California is the only state where it's legal to infuse weed with wine. It's against the law to infuse marijuana with ...

  2. Green Rush Daily

    Weed-Infused Wine Will Leave You Making 'Pour' Decisions
    Green Rush Daily
    You've heard about cannabis-infused craft beer and weed-infused whiskey, but what about weed-infused wine? According to recent developments in the financial sector, Millennials are gravitating more towards weed and wine than beer. With this advent, why ...

  3. Seattle Times

    Raise a farewell toast to summer with cannabis-infused sangria | Recipe
    Seattle Times
    Being a cannabis- and wine-loving millennial, developing a pink, cannabis-infused sangria is my perfect way to say goodbye to my favorite season. Millennials enjoy pink wine, perfectly illustrated by all the products geared toward this preference. We ...