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Latest News

  1. Dope Magazine

    A BATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: The Marriage of Wine and Cannabis
    Dope Magazine
    Combining cannabis and weed isn't necessarily new. Plenty of people have caught on to the delightful pairing of smoking and (responsibly) drinking a glass of wine, and there are now wine cultivators directly infusing their wines with cannabis. There ...

  2. Shape Magazine

    You Can Now Buy Cannabis-Infused Coffee Pods
    Shape Magazine
    From weed infused wine to marijuana laced lube, people have been finding all sorts of ways to reap the benefits of cannabis without lighting up. Next up? Brewbudz, a small start up in San Diego, created the world's first weed-infused Keurig compatible ...
    Marijuana-Infused Olive Oil and Other Pot-Based Pantry ItemsFood & Wine

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  3. Newsweek

    Want Weed With That? Pot-Infused Coffee Pods Lift Off in Nevada, Could Blossom in Colorado
    Such news may be enough to tempt some who cannot wait for their early evening wine to add a little something extra to their morning cups of coffee. Enter Brewbudz, a line of THC-infused coffee pods.... Kevin Love, strategic accounts director at ...

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